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(swallow, choke, and die.)

[03 Aug 2002|11:45am]
I have grudges against LiveJournal, so I've decided on something. I'm not going to update this very often... at least not as often as my - dun dun dunnnn - uJournal!


Everyone go get a ujournal and add me. I know they aren't giving out Early Adopter accounts anymore, but hey... it's... okay. Yes, okay.

(3 pills ? swallow, choke, and die.)

Ugh. [31 Jul 2002|03:07pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

I don't understand parents. They SUCK. I guess I'm grounded again because I was on the computer too long or something. What a bitch. She also wants to get rid of the computer, something about how it's the "root of all evil in her life right now" or something gay like that. As Roxy so nicely put it on the phone, POO ON PARENTS! GREEN, SLIMY, CORN-INFESTED POO ON PARENTS! lmao

School starts in exactly a week. At least I'll be able to see Isabelle and Selina on a daily basis. I changed my schedule today, which sucks, because things didn't work out as planned and I had to drop Geometry 1 for first period and put like.. Magnet Global Studies there. But, whatever, I still have English Honors with Selina and Isabelle, and Japanese 3 with Isabelle, and Zamari, so I'm satisfied.

And now, to end my entry, a nice little song quote:
"I grew up on alcoholic evenings and slow jazz music to keep my heart beating, because after all that happens in a dissolving family, the need for a song to sing me to sleep still rings true..."

Poo on parents.

(swallow, choke, and die.)

"Why do your eyes paralyze me?" [26 Jul 2002|11:05am]
[ mood | groggy ]

I'm over at Lina's house now... so happy to be out of that crappy little shack we like to call my 'home'. Bah. We're just about to walk down to like.. AM/PM or whatever it is, and get something to drink. Mmm, Red Bull. Damn Isabelle for getting me hooked on those energy drinks!

Heh, "trying to be cherry". Good stuff.

I also have a craving for some Carvel ice cream. Once again, damn Isabelle for her getting me addicted to that stuff. Heh, I love her.

Okay, I'm... gonna go.

(12 pills ? swallow, choke, and die.)

[24 Jul 2002|03:45pm]
I'M FREE! FINALLY! I'm getting my drumset back today, and I stayed the night at Isabelle's last night... whoo, I'm SO happy!

..That is all. *bounces*

(3 pills ? swallow, choke, and die.)

[22 Jul 2002|03:39pm]
Cross your fingers for me... I might get off being grounded tomorrow. 2 whole weeks... damn.

Let's just hope my mom doesn't bust me sneaking on right now.. heh.

ANYWAY... I talked to Lexi for like.. an hour and a half yesterday on the phone. She rocks! <33 LMAO: "Hey, where are you putting that guitar?!" lmgdmfao, whoo.

I also kinda got my phone privilages back.. I think. Yeah. Okay, I should go now. Love & miss you all.

(swallow, choke, and die.)

[16 Jul 2002|06:53pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

Grounded for another week. Yay.

I don't even know what the fuck I did wrong this time.

I think my mom's really lost it... I mean, REALLY. Mentally unstable.

Either that, and/or she just has a major stick up her ass and enjoys seeing me miserable.


(swallow, choke, and die.)

[14 Jul 2002|10:54pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

Yes, I'm okay. I haven't died, or attempted to die, or really anything along those lines. I've just been grounded.

In fact, I still am. I snuck on for a bit, though... I hopefully get everything (my drumset, my computer, my phone, and my going-out privilages) back Tuesday. I'll probably be up and running by then. For those who don't know the whole story, be forewarned, I'll probably write a 85,000-paragraph entry on it when I get back 'legally', so to speak.

Thanks to Nicole, Lexi, Selina, Isabelle, Maria, Lizzie, and everyone who sent their good wishes. I love you all tons. I don't know what I'd do without you guys.

Anyway, I should go before I get caught and get grounded for another month. GAH, that would SUCK. Yes, I should go.

(1 pill ? swallow, choke, and die.)

So lonely... [07 Jul 2002|09:54pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

Do you ever have one of those moments where you just ache to have someone to just hold you? Just for them to wrap you in their arms and hug you close, and just to stay like that for a while and do nothing else? ...I'm having one of those.

[ for those very few who actually read my Meg journal, maybe that explains my really sickeningly romantic post I just made about 20 minutes ago. ]

I hate those desperate "I need someone to be complete" feelings. They're ridiculous, I know it - I know I don't need a guy to function, and I've been doing fine on my own... but...

Blah. I don't know.

Isabelle and I leave tomorrow. Yay!

...please notice that was just dripping with sarcasm.

Bah, whatever. I'm going to go curl up with my "I'm Sorry I'm Leaving" CD and give Isabelle her computer back.

(swallow, choke, and die.)

"Oh well, you got me under your spell.. and I don't think I can forget you now." [06 Jul 2002|08:07am]
[ mood | scared ]

Last night, Isabelle and I went shopping, where I picked up "Waiting" by Thursday, "Can't Slow Down" and "I'm Sorry I'm Leaving" by Saves the Day. I'm loveing "I'm Sorry I'm Leaving", with the acoustic guitar.. Hold is definately one of my favorite STD songs.

Heh, I love how Saves' abbreviation is STD. I get a kick out of that.

Well, today is Warped. Is it alright for me to say that I'm a bit scared of getting the shit kicked out of me? ...Oi. I've heard some horror stories.

Hold lyrics, because I love them.Collapse )

(swallow, choke, and die.)

[05 Jul 2002|11:28am]
[ mood | anxious ]

Off to the airport. WHEE!!! Thank GOD. I can't wait to get out of here...

(1 pill ? swallow, choke, and die.)

Aww! [04 Jul 2002|02:13pm]
[ mood | silly ]

Selina<3 made this for me, I love her to pieces.

Well, tomorrow, I'm hopping on a flight to California (yes, AGAIN). Isabelle's boyfriend couldn't make it there, so instead, her parents are flying me out there until Monday. And, guess where we'll be going, Isabelle and I? THE WARPED TOUR, BABY! Thursday, New Found Glory, and Good Charlotte are going to be there... SQUEE! *bounces around*

I just hope I don't get too banged up. I heard about this girl getting her ass kicked, getting teeth knocked out and all that.. scary. But it'll probably be fun.

Wait, who am I kidding? It'll definately be fun! When Isabelle & I go somewhere public together, it's always tons of fun, whether we're at Pier 39 flirting with some cute guys from Redding, California, who are in a band; or even getting offered 8 dollars to get naked with some 22 year old guy in the bathroom of a Jack In The Box while he masturbates in San Francisco, then when you say no, he circles the Jack In The Box on his bike a couple times then leaves. Gross, yes. Scary, that too. But it's worth some good laughs afterwards, and that's what makes it fun.

And yes, that was a true story. I don't know if I wrote about that already or not, but... yeah.

*frowns* Selina's garage caught on fire... she just called me. Damn, yet ANOTHER reason why ARIZONA SUCKS! Things just explode and cause fires in innocent peoples' garages! Because of the heat! GAH!

I just found out something interesting, thanks to CrazyThoughts.com:

Why is the name of the phobia for the fear of long words Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia?

...and on that note, I'll end this entry.

(4 pills ? swallow, choke, and die.)

Okay. [03 Jul 2002|11:44pm]
[ mood | Stripey ]

ALRIGHT. Out of sheer boredom, I changed my journal look again. White Stripes related (okay, so I sort of got the idea from Roxy, but she loves me, she won't hate me tooo much). I made the background myself, baby. heh. AND, I finally got the title thing to work! YAY!

..Selina, I still have my Ville icon, and plan on using that quite often. ;)

I'm off to go download some more White Stripes (or, as Roxy would say, WHiTE STRiPES.. but I won't go that far. lol :D) songs and bang on my drums before the kids go to sleep and my mom comes home from the current "I'm going out and getting drunk off my ass, only to come home and run into walls and bitch out everyone in my sight because I'm miserable and not strong enough to withhold from the temptation and make decisions for myself" trip she's on.


(swallow, choke, and die.)

+]/ SPECIAL SAUCE! \[+ [03 Jul 2002|01:16pm]
[ mood | silly ]

New icon, of HIM's Ville Valo. He is my current obsession, along with Lina's as well.

All of you bow before his .. beauty. Yes.

(1 pill ? swallow, choke, and die.)

What... the... fuck? [02 Jul 2002|05:01pm]
[ mood | scared ]

Almost Famous XI: fuck off.
Austin Powers: Ta darling. Bless your cotton socks.

(swallow, choke, and die.)

[30 Jun 2002|02:00pm]
[ mood | silly ]

All of the little pre-pubescent children (children, not chickens, Sean. *winks*) ate all of the Strawberry Daquiri jelly belly jelly beans. That makes me all pouty. In a big jar full of jelly bellies, there's only the gross coffee flavored ones and the buttered popcorn ones. *shudders* ..Oh, and some other mysterious lookin' ones that don't seem to be on the little chart, and I'm afraid of trying them because they might be some really gross tasting ones.

And that was Kayla's rant on Jelly Beans.

Sea people + Semen = Seaciety.

That is all. ;)

(6 pills ? swallow, choke, and die.)

[29 Jun 2002|12:33pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]

I'm going to steal Roxy's 'New Friend Introduction' thing she does in her journal every time she adds someone, just this once -

ego_in_hell. He is Sean. Sean he is. *grins* He's not only just Sean, he's Sean, the roleplaying funny guitarist friend from Florida. The fact that he made the journal almost solely because I mentioned it to him makes me one happy, special-feeling Kayla.

I'm extremely hyper right now, so if I type something that doesn't make sense, please ignore it.

Selina fixed me up this icon a while ago out of some pictures she took of me. *shrugs* I thought it was about time that I had an icon of myself, everyone else has one! ..okay, REALLY lame excuse, but.. eh. *shrugs again*

Today, I'll probably be going to see Minority Report with Selina. I've seen it twice before, but it's pretty good, so I don't mind seeing it again. It was better the second time, I caught some things I didn't notice before.. so maybe the third might be even better than the second. *shrugs* I was pretty confused the first time.

I'm dreading going home today. It's so incredibly hot, and the fact that there are 7 people living in this tiny house of mine doesn't help. I can't even play the drums as much as I want anymore because everyone runs and screams at me to "Keep it down!". "Keep it down"?! It's a drumset. They should've known that when they bought it for me, it just might be a tiiiiiiiny bit loud. Gah. But, wait, there is one perk to going home today - my Saves The Day shirt came in the mail yesterday. Now I'll be reminded of the awesome time I had with Isabelle and the boys from the band Underscore at Pier 39. Our painful walk to ChinaTown and back, the looks the drummer boy kept giving me... ah, but that was all left behind in San Francisco, and I'll probably never see them again. Sucks. And now I'm stuck here, in Phoenix, where - okay. I won't start complaining, because once I start, chances are I'll go on and on for a while.

I went with Selina to therapy... I sat there for about an hour, reading Glamour magazine as she talked to the counsellor. It wasn't the most exciting thing in the world, but hey - I learned a couple things from that magazine. Strange things that I'll probably never need to know, but hey, new things. *shrugs*

I need to see Lizzie and Claire sometime soon. I miss them.

(swallow, choke, and die.)

[28 Jun 2002|03:18pm]
[ mood | good ]

Happy birthday, Selina! :) Hope my gift was okay! Although the CD is kind of frightening, I'm glad you enjoy it. I don't want our band to be all hardcore like that, really... I could picture us doing music like that, but I wouldn't really enjoy it. Maybe an occasional song or two...

Anyway.. my life is a big bore. I had so much more to update about while I was in California... damn Arizona. Damn it to hell.

Oh - I got a little buzzed with Ashley, my mom's boyfriend's daughter the other night. That was definately interesting. We talked a lot, and it was really nice having someone to vent to. We're getting along pretty well now, which is nice, compared to the negative feelings we had for eachother at first.

...I miss Isabelle. She better get her cute little ass back to Phoenix soon so Selina, her and me can all write some songs and stuff together. We need a nice little band songwriting session anyway.

Also: Roxy and I are eachother's stalkers! Whee! :)

...I'm gonna go now. *boom*

(swallow, choke, and die.)

[25 Jun 2002|05:08pm]
[ mood | numb ]

Oh. My. God.

My VCR just ate my copy of Moulin Rouge on VHS.

I'm going to go off, crawl into a Moulin Rouge-less hole and die. I can't live without my Ewan.

... WAIT! I have both soundtracks.. that might be enough to tie me over at least until I buy another copy. Ha, I will LIVE! ..Possibly.

(1 pill ? swallow, choke, and die.)

This is one of the funniest pictures I've ever seen. [22 Jun 2002|01:55am]
[ mood | horny ]

Look at this!!

That... just... yeah. LOOK AT THE SILLY BABY FACE!

Livejournal SurveyCollapse )

(swallow, choke, and die.)

God. [21 Jun 2002|10:17pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

I don't want to come home tomorrow. I really don't.

I got a fucking call from my mom just now. She was drunk off her ASS, and not a real pleasant conversation. It was filled with, "You know, you're gonna come home to a complete pig sty. Ashley's shit is all over your floor." And, check this out: "Don't come home a spoiled rotten bitch. You sound like one right now. Fucking spoiled rotten." I mean, JESUS CHRIST, I'm sorry, but I'm probably the most unselfish person in my family. I haven't asked for more than 3 things from anyone on this trip - ask my aunt. She goes on and on about how I can get whatever I want and shit, and I don't ask for much. I was raised in an environment where I hardly got ANYTHING other than what was absolutely needed for survival - clothes on my back, food in my mouth, and water to keep clean in. That's what I've been used to. I didn't at ALL take advantage of ANYONE here. So, my mom can just fuck off.

I would give ANYTHING just to stay here another week. I've had such an amazing time here, getting the vacation I DAMN WELL DESERVE, FUCK. Getting attention I'm not used to, but is damn flattering. Getting closer to one of the most kick-ass people I know, Isabelle. Getting to live the life that I want to live, as opposed to the hell that I'll be going back to.

Let's see... there are two fucking things that I look forward to coming home to:

1) My drumset.
2) Selina, Lizzie, and Claire.

As for the fucking small, crowded house filled with 7 fucking people, no privacy, and the 120 degree Arizona weather, I don't want. No.

God. I don't want to come home. Home is hell for me.

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